Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1.1. The data about the Client and his order stored in the orders’ environment of the e-store are treated as confidential information. The Trader will not disclose the information that has become known to it to third parties.

1.2. The data communication between the Client and banks and card payment centres is encrypted, which ensures the security of the Client’s personal data and bank details. The Trader does not have access to the Client’s confidential bank and payment card details.

1.3. The personal data submitted by the Client, which the Trader has received on making the purchase by the Client are protected and they are processed according to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.
Personal data is collected and they are processed for the following purposes: for making purchase analyses and summaries, for making offers to the Client but also for organising Client satisfaction questionnaires.

1.4. The personal data of the Client is processed by OÜ Temptation (registry code 12692635, Hommiku 4-18, Pärnu, Estonia).

1.5. OÜ Temptation may authorise other legal persons (authorised processor) to process personal data on the condition that a contract has been entered into with such a processor, according to which the authorised processor is obligated to keep the personal data to be processed as confidential and to ensure the relevant protection of personal data according to the requirements provided in the legislation.